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Piles is also known as hemorrhoids are enlarged veins of the terminal part of rectum. The condition is permanent as once they form they stay for lifetime. They can lead to permanent or temporary problems. The very condition is rather unpleasant more than it is serious. Still no disease is easy and they are best treated if a doctor is consulted.

Piles form due to increased intraabdominal pressure. This explains the majority of newly cases in pregnancy and increased number of obese people suffering from piles. Those who are suffering from constipation are prone to the diseases as well. Sedentary lifestyle is fertile ground for piles.

There are conditions which can resemble hemorrhoids. They include fissures fistulae and abscesses. Itching and irritation of anus may be also mistaken for piles. So only after presenting certain symptoms visit to a doctor and additional examination one may be definitely diagnosed piles.

In the very beginning or during the fist attack the symptoms may be mild and include simple tenderness in anal area. Swelling and discomfort may occur as well. Pain may occur but it is not as intense as it becomes in chronic form of the disease.

Piles can be internal or external. Hemorrhage is most frequent symptom of internal piles. The blood is fresh, light red and can be present on feces, on toilet paper or even drip into the toilet bowl. The bleeding stops usually on its own and may repeat. The quantity of lost blood is minor. In case that internal hemorrhoids grow bigger and stick out of anal canal they are then classified as prolapsed hemorrhoids. They move back on their own in case the protrusion is small. In other cases a patient needs to use lubricants and gloves and to softly push them back into the rectum. For majority of patients this is rather embarrassing. In rare cases when piles cannot be pushed back into the anus this leads to incarceration of the hemorrhoid. This severe condition must be treated urgently as prolonged insufficient supply with blood may lead to gangrene. External piles are actually swellings that are formed out of blood clots. They are extremely painful.

One may have hemorrhoids without even knowing. Irritation and itching can be the only signs of the disease and after a couple of attacks one may spot blood in stool and additional symptoms that will leave him/ her to visit a doctor.

Stool leakage is rather rare symptom of this disease.

Luckily piles are treated simply by official ointments prescribed by doctors and numerous remedies.

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