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Water polo is an exciting sport. It can also be brutal, tough, and requires many of the movements required for swimming, rugby, basketball, wrestling, and throwing. It is common, even standard, for players to block, tackle, swim, sprint, shove, pull, kick, and even punch during the course of a water polo game. As for the game itself, it is divided into quarters, each lasting seven minutes. In reality, matches often lastan hour as a result of regular fouling. In order to perform to a decent level in this sport, one must possess power and speed in both the arms and the legs. Trunk strength is another basic requirement for water polo. One of the biggest demands with regard to power in this sport is related to the shooting process.
Water polo and physical fitness
The sport involves physical contact, and as a result, injuries are quite common. Many of these injuries are unavoidable, such as split lips, broken noses, eye irritation, scratches, and black eyes. Shoulder movements used in the shooting process are similar to those used in baseball pitching. With this in mind, some scientific literature is available with regard to the kind of biomechanics involved. Because of the demands placed on the shoulders, injuries are quite common to this part of the body for those who are involved in water polo. Thus it is necessary for one to develop proper throwing technique in order to avoid injury. It is also extremely important to develop strength in the muscles that are involved in the process of shooting. Specifically, the legs, hips, and torso muscles must be strengthened. Knees must also be strengthened in order to avoid injury.
Injury prevention
As indicated already. strength is vital with regard to injury prevention. With this in mind, strength exercises such as deadlifts, presses, pull ups, and squats should be used. In addition to this, one should perform back and abdominal exercises in order to strengthen the trunk. Rotator muscles should also be targeted for strengthening, so one should look to try shoulder exercises involving PNF patterns. This should also help one with regard to the throwing action.
Full body explosive exercises are also recommended for this sport. This includes exercises like jerks, cleans, and scratches. This will help one develop with regard to blocking, shooting, wrestling opponents, and sprinting. These particular exercises help to develop both power and strength, which makes them highly efficient with regard to athletic strength training.

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