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Being a member of the Marine Corps carries a certain weight and an honorable amount of responsibility, both for yourself and other brothers in arms. Thus, every Marine needs to be in top physical condition, possessing the necessary fitness and combat readiness required by the very Corps. This requirement surpasses age, grade and duty assignment. Rather, it is mutual and an absolute must.

Facts about Marine Corps

In order to present a unified group of people who stand for equal beliefs and common goals, the Marine Corps share a uniform, consisting of green-on-green T-shirt and socks, as well as a shorts and running shoes. If the weather conditions are harsh, an official sweat suit uniform may be used, along with gloves.

As for the physical training, Marine Corps need to undergo 2 hours of constant training, manifested through a single session. Also, they are allowed resting time between these events, so that their body can recover properly, stretch and hydrate themselves. Also, they might have pull-up events where they are asked to perform as many properly done pull-ups as possible.

The Pull-Up Event

Here, there is no timing and the Marines are not allowed to wear their sweatshirts so that their superiors may track their proper elbow movements. Also, initially, if a Marine is not capable of grabbing the bar on his own, he can be assisted or allowed to step on a taller object. Yet, once the session begins, no help is allowed.

The hands can be turned either towards or to the opposite of the Marine. Once the feet are not touching the ground and the hands of the Marine are completely stretched, the exercise may begin. The legs can be either straight or bent, not going above the waist level. A single repetition is counted once a Marine manages to lift his body so that his chin is above the bar and returns to the initial position. However, resting the chin on the bar is not allowed.

Other Events for Marines

Abdominal crunches are also a necessity for everyone who belongs to the Marine Corps. These are performed under a time limit with the Marines lying on a flat surface, with their shoulder blades in contact with the ground and knees bent with both feet flat on the surface.

During this exercise, the arms are crossed on the chest, remaining there throughout the workout. A single repetition of this exercise involves raising the torso from the ground until the folded hands touch the knees with both forearms and elbows, returning into the initial position afterwards. Buttocks and every other lower part of the body must remain immobile. However, if this is not possible, someone may sit on or hold the Marine's feet.

Finally, distance running is yet another timed event, which is monitored by superiors.

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