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Physical fitness is one of the most important components of a healthy lifestyle. It is almost completely impossible to imagine a healthy human being that is not physically fit as well. Physical fitness is a broad term, and it is usually mentioned in the sense of muscular strength and overall energy. However, this concept is more precisely described as a state of general health and well-being, typically achieved through proper nutrition, exercise and enough rest. Physical fitness is very much important in the daily life as it actually represents a measure of the body’s ability to function efficiently, to be healthy and to resist various diseases and challenges of emergency situations.

Benefits of fitness

Participation in physical fitness and wellness programs offers so many benefits for people of all ages. One of the most wanted of all benefits is the ability to control the body weight more easily. Physically fit individuals control the levels of body fat more easily since the exercise in combination with correct nutrition reduces body fat and fulfills proper nutritional requirements.

Physical fitness also conditions the heart and the lungs by increasing the oxygen levels in the body. It also has a positive impact on human bones, making them stronger and less prone to fractures. Regular physical exercise prevents many diseases by reducing the blood cholesterol, blood pressure, and resting heart rate. In addition, it improves levels of good cholesterol, heart function and reduces the risk of skeletal injuries.Physically fit individuals normally have proper body posture, they feel better about themselves, and they are able to recover more quickly from various injuries and diseases. Another great benefit is an improvement in mood and reduction of stress and anxiety.

Risks of sedentary lifestyle

Poor diet and the lack of exercise, or a sedentary lifestyle, is completely opposite to principles of physical fitness. This kind of lifestyle can have severe consequences on human health. Unhealthy dietary habits can also add to this equation, leading to gradual and severe hardening of blood vessels and causing numerous complications. Elevated blood pressure is first but, unfortunately, not the last consequence of such a lifestyle. For certain individuals it may lead to serious heart disease and even to life-threatening heart attack.

According to the most recent studies, sedentary lifestyle is associated with increased risk of premature death. It is also associated with obesity, depression, osteoporosis, and adult-onset diabetes. All of these health hazards can be easily avoided by regular exercise and healthy lifestyle.

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