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We are all doomed to become old one day. However, even when we reach certain age we, may stay in excellent physical condition. This usually refers to athletes and people who have adopted a ritual of being regularly physically active. As far as other people are concerned, physical activity may have been part of their lives, but once they reach 50 years of age most of them become physically inactive and are already suffering from some serious illnesses.

We must understand that if we treat our bodies with respect, they will serve us well for many years to come. The majority of functions will be optimal and we can even escape some injuries or prevent some illnesses from occurring. Still, when we are in certain age it is also essential to listen to the body and adapt physical activity according to its capabilities.

Diet and Its Role

Diet is an integral part of physical fitness. People in their 50s are prone to consume unhealthy food rich in fats. Instead, they should opt for more fresh fruit and vegetables as well as lean meat and whole grains. Since this is the age when majority of individuals start experiencing high cholesterol, the onset of atherosclerosis, diabetes etc. it is good to keep these disease at bay by choosing right food.

Healthy Heart - Healthy Mind

Heart conditions are actually the most common diseasees affecting seniors. So, apart from dietary changes, an individual is suppose to engage in cardio exercise 5-7 days a week. The exercise session should last for approximately 20 minutes. Suitable results are achieved with a brisk walk, swimming and even exercising in the gym. Once the circulation improves, even your mind will function much better.

Prior to any more strenuous activity a person is due to consult his/her health care provide and undergo thorough examination. The presence of certain medical conditions restricts participation in high-intensity sports.

Boosting the Health of Bones and Joints

People in their 50s are also due to pay more attention to their musculoskeletal system, especially bones and joints. Their exercises must be well adapted to the current state of the musculoskeletal system and should increase muscle, bone and joint strength, improve one's mobility and at the same time prevent any injury from occurring.

Most people of this age can opt for exercise machines such as the elliptical machines, treadmills and stationary bikes or consult a physical therapist who will create the most suitable exercise plan.

Finally, remember to stretch before each and every exercise session. This way you will prevent injuries and also boost your flexibility.

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