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Even though teenagers may seem not to worry about what they eat and how much they eat, this can be quite a wrong attitude. Namely, teenagers who are obese or overweight are likely to grow up to be adults who are overweight or obese, being prone to numerous health problems, including heart diseases, diabetes, gout and arthritis. In fact, 25% of obese teenagers have 50% greater chances of dying in their 70s than those who were slim during these years of their lives.

Metabolism and TV

When we compare our metabolism and television, we normally expect to find nothing in common. Yet, there is a connection and certain researches have shown that children who spend time in front of the TV have slower metabolisms during this time that those who just sit around doing absolutely nothing. Taking into consideration that an average teen spends about 30 hours of his/her time in front of the TV on a weekly basis, usually while eating snacks which are quite high in their fat content, it is no wonder that children obesity is one of the top health problems in the world.

Fortunately, most children have someone to protect them – their parents, who should react and prevent obesity and excessive body weight from affecting their children.

Exercises for Teenagers

Aerobic exercises are excellent for burning extra calories your teenager accumulates during the day. There are various activities which can provide good cardiovascular exercising. Some of these are running, cycling, swimming, in-line skating, power walking, sprinting or playing sports like racquetball and handball. Alternatively, your child can enjoy trampoline jumping or ice-skating, maintaining his/her healthy weight this way.

It is recommended that teenagers raise their heart rates for about 20 minutes, about three times a week. Therefore, about 30 minutes of physical activity, three times a week is quite enough for staying healthy and in good physical shape. Remind your child to stretch and warm up properly before indulging into any kind of physical exercise. This will prevent injuries and other problems from taking place.

Why Should Your Teenager Exercise?

First of all, exercising is easy-to-do and can be done anywhere, anytime, especially when it comes to running. Also, it is practically free. The only investments you need to make are those for proper exercising equipment.

Yet, the benefits are enormous, starting from your heart which will pump more blood throughout your organism, keeping your organs healthy and your mood and performance boosted. Additionally, working out with your friend will help you socialize and spend time together. Or, if you desire to be alone, exercising is there to back you up, nevertheless.

Finally, remember that every single benefit that exercising brings will be there for you when you grow old, making life much easier and less painful.

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