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Physical fitness is not the same as general health. Namely, when someone is physically fit, he/she has managed to maintain his/her bodily strength, stamina and overall well-being. Yet, health can encompass other aspects of fitness such as emotional, mental, spiritual and social. Nevertheless, physical fitness is a crucial step towards other aspects of health.

Aspects of Physical Fitness

As we look at further details of physical fitness, we can see that this notion consists of several subparts. Namely, physical fitness is made of muscular endurance, which is one's ability to engage his/her muscles in order to produce strength necessary for completing certain actions for a desired time span. On the other hand, muscular strength is also an important part, being the capability of your muscles to face resistance through making a single, abrupt effort.

Also, body composition is a part of physical fitness, being the balance between body fat and muscle mass in an individual's body.

Additionally, physically fit people have cardiovascular endurance at a high level, with their heart being capable of delivering enough blood and oxygen for the entire body to function well while under physical stress. Namely, only when muscles get all the supplies they need, they will be capable of performing all the above mentioned tasks successfully.

Finally, flexibility is a crucial part of physical fitness, manifesting through capabilities of one's body to perform a wide range of motions without damaging tissues or muscles inside joints.

Even though all these factors are important, body composition is the foundation for all other aspects of physical fitness, since being overweight can stand in the way between your performance and overall health.

Performance and Bodily Fitness

A person's performance depends on several different factors such as speed, agility, power, motor skills and balance. By improving each of these skills, your overall performance in certain physical activities will be boosted as well. Naturally, this kind of progress will involve teaching your body how to maintain a proper posture and achieve adequate body composition, following a diet and exercise program best for these purposes as well as train regularly.

Once you start exercising regularly, you need to include all the above mentioned elements into your exercise plan, balancing them and increasing the intensity of your exposure to these kinds of trainings. This will result in an increase in endurance. However, you should never neglect resting and recuperation. So, take a day off every week.

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