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Considering the fact that so many people today want to have a nice, muscled body with no excessive pounds, it would be good to know the some major rules when it comes to creating a fit body.


Exercising without a healthy diet is simply not good, which means that all that hard work in a gym can easily go to waste if attention is not paid to creating balanced meals. Since there are hundreds of available options when it comes to dieting, a proper one must contain balance in nutrients ratio, with carbs at the top, followed by proteins, while fat should be at the bottom of the list. Still, it is also important to increase the intake of proteins, especially if increased muscle mass is one of the goals. Perfect combination of diet, exercises and supplements is not achieved easily, but once it is set, effects will be simply awesome.

There are some basic exercises that should be done in a gym. After a beginner has learned the basics, he or she can continue to more detailed techniques. Basic exercises would be bench press, lat pull down, biceps workout with barbell and dumbbells, abs exercise, etc.

Lat pull down

An interesting thing about working in a gym with barbell and dumbbells is that each exercise can be performed in so many different ways. This also goes for lat pull down exercise. Lat pull down is performed on a lat pull down machine, which consists of two things, sitting surface and weight. When sitting down, arms are stretched and hands grab barbell above the head connected to weight via chain. This might be considered an opposite technique to bench press, since bench press needs pushing while lat pull, as its name says, requires pulling, which can be done towards torso and chest or towards back, behind the head. Also, the distance between hands can differ and that shifts focus from one muscle group to another. There is another difference that can be applied - sitting with the back turned to lat machine. This exercise is generally important for making the back look wide. The muscle that develops the most in this situation is latissimus dorsi, a large muscle that covers most of the surface on the back of torso.

Of course, lat pull down exercise is just one among several that need to be performed. While lat pull is great for the back and overall strength of torso, bench press is a must for frontal part of torso, the chest more specifically. With abs exercise and barbell for biceps, these four are major for upper body development.

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