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A lot of people are aware of the fact that layers of the skin change and the old skin is replaced with new one. That is considered natural and every person experiences that. The body is getting rid of the dead skin cells. However, when a person’s skin peels excessively, that is not considered to be normal and natural. This mainly happens on feet and fingertips. The reason why that is so, is because people use hands and feet more than any other part of the body.

Causes of skin peeling on fingertips


Eczema is probably the most common cause of skin peeling on fingertips. There are a few people who do not know that eczema is a skin disease and one of its main symptoms is skin peeling. Apart from the peeling, the skin will also become dry and scaly.


Certain medicines or treatments can affect a person’s skin. One such treatment is chemotherapy. Medications can cause various side effects and dry and peeling skin on the fingertips is one of the most common side effects. There are also some ointments that people use which are too acidic and will cause dry and peeling skin on fingertips.

Kawasaki disease

When the artery walls flare up, a person has a great chance of suffering from Kawasaki disease. However, it is mostly children under the age of five who suffer from this disease. The hands and feet are the areas which are usually affected with peeling skin.


Too much exposure to the sun can lead to certain skin damage if a person is not wearing any protection. Sunburn is one of the causes of peeling skin that happens quite a lot.

Excess moisture or extremely dry hands

A person needs to find a balance between too much moisture and dry skin in order to have healthy skin. Peeling skin occurs quite a lot if a person leans toward either of these two sides.

Infections and allergies

Certain infections lead to peeling skin. It is mostly the fungal ones because they target hands and toes the most. An allergic reaction to a certain medication can often end up with peeling skin.

Treatment for skin peeling on fingertips

A person with dry skin should moisturize the skin more. Using a good cream is a good advice. Hands should be properly washed and dried before applying the cream though. Apart from creams, there are certain things found in every kitchen a person can use, like honey for instance. Olive oil is also good. Dehydration is another cause of dry skin so a person should drink a lot of fluids.

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