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Dry and problematic

This ailment iscertainly not to any person’s liking, and can furthermore influence on notonly the person’s overall physique, but also on the person’s self-confidence andoverall attitude towards the surrounding environment and people who are a partof it. When it comes to the skin itself and its overall health, this is oneuniversal criterion regarded as the tell tale of beauty and attractiveness. Thoughmany have not considered this aspect so much, it is most certain that ahealthy, gloving and properly maintained skin is one of the surest ways ofwinning a lot of sympathies on each and every step the person makes. Therefore, makingsure your skin always healthy and in top form is one of the ways you can improve many aspects of your life, but primary your health. For this to be able, oneshould first and foremost get acquainted more with the possible maladies thatcan befall the skin, one of them being also dry patchy skin, as well as withthe ways with which this ailment can be battled of with success.


Dry patchy skin canoccur just about anywhere on the person’s body, be it legs, hands, face. Whenit comes to those most to be blamed culprits, they can be categorized asfollows – environmental, medical and living practices. When it comes toenvironment, a person can develop this condition due to a lengthy exposure tolow-humidity surroundings. Two of the most distinguished factors that bringabout the occurrence of this unpleasant condition are cold and hot air, both ofwhich lack humidity. Yet another common culprit belonging to this firstcategory is the level of environmental pollution. Namely, smoke and dust foundin the air are known to be extremely keen on absorbing as much moisture fromour skin as possible. The list of medical conditions that are held responsible isa bit longer due to the skin-harming nature of quite a lot of knownillnesses and conditions. The most prominent ones are considered to be psoriasis, neurodermatitis, atopic dermatitis, ichtyosis, seborrheic andnummular eczema, diabetes, kidney disease, hypothyroidism, myeloma, nutritionaldeficiency, cancer and AIDS. The third category is directly related andinfluenced by the person’s daily habits and activities. In a great number ofcases, the dryness of the skin is a direct consequence of the improper care. In casea person exposes his/her skin all too often to hot baths, chlorinated water andalike, he/she may run the risk of ruining the overall skin health, and run atrisk of coming down with the shriveled skin. This occurs due to the loss of thenatural oil content of the skin, which can be initiated as well by tooexcessive cleaning, without providing the skin with enough moisture. Also, incase a person is overusing cosmetic products, this will directly lead to dryskin patches as the constituents have the tendency to irritate the skin toomuch.

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