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Peeling skin on fingers is a fairly common medical problem, as it affects a large number of people everywhere around the world. Peeling skin on fingers still may be the cause of many frustrations. For those who do not, the skin actually consists of different layers, and the outer layer called epidermis is constantly changing. The outer layer of the skin changes completely over the course of 28 days. There are numerous different types of factors and causes which can be responsible for triggering the changes in the skin covering, but the most common ones include exposure to sun, friction, hydration and several other medical reasons.

Causes of Peeling Skin

One of the most common causes of peeling skin on fingers is prolonged exposure to sun, and also sunburns. In order to prevent these from occurring, one needs to use a good sunscreen, which suits the skin of the person. It is also recommended to wear light clothing. Extremely cold weather and friction are also among the most common causes of peeling skin on fingers. Dehydration is actually the most common cause of peeling skin on fingers, due to lack of moisture in the skin. Certain types of medicaments such as oral retinoids and chemotherapy drugs may be held responsible for the peeling skin on fingers. Those who suffer from severe cases of acne may expect the occurrence of peeling skin on fingers, because acne has a tendency to dry the skin.

Medical Conditions as Causes of Peeling Skin

Extremely dry skin is also one of the possible causes of peeling skin on fingers. People who suffer from this medical problem need to steer clear of incorrect moisturizers, hot water and harsh soaps. Warm water needs to be used for baths. Another common cause of peeling skin on fingers is excessive perspiration. There are also certain medical conditions which may be associated with the occurrence of peeling skin on fingers, and those include deep space infection, flexor tenosynovitis, cellulitis, herpetic whitlow, felon, paronychia, psoriasis, various different types of fungal infections and eczema.

Treatment for Peeling Skin

Peeling skin on fingers can easily be treated by using certain simple, natural home remedies. A mixture of a tablespoon of rosewater, sandalwood powder and honey is an excellent remedy. The same can be said for mint juice. Another potent home remedy which can be used for the treatment of peeling skin on hands is a mixture of grated cucumber and apple. All these remedies are supposed to be applied topically on the affected areas of the skin.

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