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Children are more prone to suffer from various skin diseases than adults. The main reason lies in the fact that the skin of children is more delicate and can get damaged more easily. One such skin condition that can affect both the adults but also the children is peeling feet. A person who suffers from peeling feet will experience a state where most of his or her top layer of the skin will lose its natural texture and get damaged. A person with peeling feet can easily remove the skin which can in time lead to the loss of epidermis, which is the top layer of the skin. In most cases, people who experience peeling feet will experience itchy sensation as well. In some cases, peeling feet can be a symptom of some underlying cause but it usually occurs because of some external factors, for instance too much exposure to the sun.

Peeling skin on feet in children: causes

Not a lot of people know that peeling skin can be a sign of some skin issue. The main reason why that is so, is because most people suffer from peeling skin due to certain factors, like too much sweating. Apart from that, there are several other causes that lead to skin peeling.


Most children with peeling feet suffer from that condition because of too much sweating. A lot of kids wear shoes for too long and in the hot seasons that leads to over sweating. When sweat occurs and cannot evaporate, the feet remain wet all the time. This is why peeling feet occur.

Athlete’s foot

Another reason why children may suffer from peeling feet is a condition called athlete’s foot. Athlete’s foot is actually a fungal skin infection that most often occurs between the toes. Red rash is usually apparent when a child suffers from this infection.

Dry skin

Dry skin is probably the most common cause of peeling skin in children. In most cases a child will experience an itching sensation and the skin will appear dull and flaky.


Certain medications are known to have dry skin as one of its side effects. People who take medications for high blood pressure are prone to suffer from dry skin.Kawasaki disease

A child who has a high fever for a couple of days along with peeling feet is most likely to be suffering from Kawasaki disease. Children under the age of five are usually hit by this disease.

Apart from these, children may suffer from peeling feet due to cold weather and staph and some other infections.Parents need to know that peeling feet in children is not a serious problem and does not require medical attention in most cases. Parents can use lotions in order to ease the irritation.

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