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There are a lot of people all over the world who experience various skin problems when winter months come around. A certain skin condition called winter itch is one such problem that is known to occur in cold climatic conditions. Almost every person in the world knows that low temperature and low levels of humidity in the atmosphere provide a lot of problems for the skin. The main reason why that is so, is because such factors are known to take the moisture out of the skin.

When there is not enough moisture in the skin, it will become dry and that leads to various other problems. One of the most common problems that occur when the skin is dry is itchiness.

Symptoms of winter itch

There are a lot of symptoms that will tell a person that he or she is suffering from winter itch. Dry skin patches are known to cause a lot of itchiness. However, this condition is known to get worse at times and the skin will become scaly and cracks appear. It is not uncommon for the cracks to bleed. The most common body parts that winter itch affects are the face, hands, arms and lower parts of the legs. It is mostly the face and hands due to the fact that these parts are mostly exposed to bad weather.

It is not uncommon for people to mistake winter itch for allergic reactions due to the fact that both these conditions have similar symptoms. However, people should not mix them because when allergies are considered a person will experience itchiness all over the body and blisters are usually present, which is not the case with winter itch.

Winter itch remedies

People need to know that there are various remedies that will help a person get rid of winter itch. Applying aloe vera gel is one such remedy that a lot of people recommends due to the soothing effect that aloe vera has on the itching hands and feet.

Taking an oatmeal bath is another way a person can get rid of winter itch. A person should just add two cups of finely grounded oatmeal into a bathtub of lukewarm water.

A person who is suffering from winter itch needs to avoid using harsh soaps due to all the chemicals. Moisturizing the skin is very important when a person is suffering from dry skin. The moisturizer should be applied after a bath. Drinking enough water is also important because it will prevent dehydration.

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