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A Thing or Two about Cracked Skin onFingers

Winter is a harsh part of the year,when the weather seems to be against us and we need to protect ourbodies well in order not to freeze or let the cold winds and lowtemperatures damage our skin. The same is with the skin on ourfingers. Namely, due to cold weather, this skin on our fingers maycrack and become extremely uncomfortable, both aesthetically andphysically. Also, getting in contact with detergents and similarchemicals while your skin is in such a delicate state can only causemore damage to it.

Besides this cause, there are plentymore possible reasons behind this peculiar skin condition. Sometimes,this cracked skin on fingers may be a sure sign of a deficiency ofsorts. Also, specific illnesses and health complications can lead tothe development of this phenomenon. Thus, psoriasis, eczema,athlete's foot, contact dermatitis and many others may be the sourceof this skin problem. Therefore, treatment mostly varies depending onthe underlying cause of dry, cracked skin on fingers.

How May One Treat This Problem?

First of all, since this condition iscaused by dry skin to begin with, you need to provide your skinmoisture. For these purposes, you might use coconut oil or almondoil. However, the best possible treatment in this case would involvethe usage of petroleum jelly. Apply this substance on your handsgenerously, cover them with a pair of Lycra cotton gloves and leaveyour hands this way overnight. Before you do this, you need to makesure your hands are clean, washed with a soap and completely dry.

Secondly, mixing vitamin E and almondoil and then treating your hands with the product, after havingwashed them in warm water is also one of the best remedies for thisproblem. Alternatively, you might simply place mashed bananas oravocados onto the troublesome areas. Mixing coconut oil and cocoabutter and placing the mixture on the cracks on your fingers canresult in their healing. Mixing a yolk with a bit of honey will beenough for creating an excellent remedy to be applied on yourtroubled skin. Finally, since you need vitamin C in order to recoverfrom this skin problem, you might also consider mixing yogurt andlemon juice, hydrating the skin with the product.

Still, if all these methods fail, youare highly advised to seek medical assistance and get your fingersexamined.

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