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Hair Loss

Your look can really affect your self-confidence. Even theslightest receding of the hair can affect people to become unsure ofthemselves. Some people can lose their hair due to heredity problems, smokingor hormones, and this can have certain consequences like low self-esteem or stress.Women, men and children can suffer from hair loss. Interaction of thedihydrotestosterone (DHT) with hair follicle affects the hairs to becomethinner. Because men`s scalp has more DHT than women`s, they have highertendencies to become bold. Some men are ashamed of their boldness so they wearhats, scarves or wigs, while others don`t find it to be a big problem. Before youchoose to treat your baldness, you should consult a trichologist, because he will tellyou what type of the treatment is best for you.

Types of Treatments

If you are losing hair, you can try to get it back in twoways and the first one is hair replacement surgery. However, there are severaldifferent techniques of hair replacement surgeries and your doctor will recommend the one that is most suitable for you. Surgeries include techniques such aspunch grafts, strip grafts, slit grafts, mini-grafts and micro-grafts. Every singletechnique has its own purpose in relation to the different pattern of baldness.Rarely used techniques of hair replacement surgeries are scalp reduction,tissue-expansion and flaps. The second way to get your hair back is by takingmedications. You can start by searching for the one that is most likely to helpin reduction of the production of DHT. You can purchase them in localpharmacies or even online and most of them are clinically tested and FDA approved,but remember that once you start taking them, there is no stopping. If you stoptaking them, your hair will fall off again. You need to accept the fact thatyou are going to take them for the rest of your life.


As we have already said, there are certain medications thatcan help you get your hair back. One example of these medications isFinasteride. It mostly treats mid-scalp and frontal hair loss. By controllingthe DHT, finasteride successfully controls receding hairline problems and firstresults can be seen after a few weeks, but it is very important that youcontinue to take these pills. Daily dosage of finasteride is 1mg. Anothermedicine that is also FDA approved and is called minoxidil. It is a solution that should be applied on your scalp two times a day. But, if you choose to takepills of minoxidil, you should take one every day. It reduces and blocks theamount of DHT and helps in growing new hair. This medication can be bought over the counter under different brand names.

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