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Hair Loss and Baldness as a Means of Feeling Less Attractive

The fact is, when it comes to men no longer feeling attractive, nothing comes as close to number one on the list as hair loss, and worse still: baldness. This is probably because it is the most exposed bit which is hard to overlook at first glance (as opposed to, say, how sharply the gentleman's abs are defined). Having exquisite taste in clothes, a well developed musculature, and an ideal weight for the particular man's constitution, may make him look better or worse in a range of ways – hair loss and baldness are still problems to be resolved.

This topic is exactly what the article deals with. Not solving baldness issues, but rather questioning whether the majority of women would find a balding man less attractive for no further reason than that.

Women in Real Life

Because and thankfully, reality is not much like a teenage movie, the obvious should be pointed out. And that would be that women, too, have personalities. What that means is that, strictly at a physical attractiveness level, each and every woman has different set of likes and dislikes – or rather: standards of beauty if you please.

Like some men, some women are strictly particular about certain aspects of the opposite sex's physique. This means that it is true that a number of women would have a problem overlooking the fact that an attractive gentleman is somewhat, or completely bald. This is, possibly, true in the same way as some men would have a hard time overlooking a the fact that some women grow mustaches and not find it appropriate to take care of them.

However there is a comforting figure that claims that according to certain statistics most ladies are a great deal more forgiving of their gentlemen's balding heads than they would think.

Women and Male Baldness in Pop Culture

Film reality is different, and may be deceiving because it sometimes tends to play on the cliches rather than real life situations. And this is because cliches are for the most part largely over-exaggerated misconceptions of certain categories.

An example of this would be a case explained in the popular series, “Sex and the City.” namely, one of the protagonists of the show was madly in love with a terribly looking man of bad manners. Not only was he short, fat, bunt and rude, he was also balding. The point of the story was to show that the character was able to fall in love with a person despite of all of his flaws.

The episode also worked just fine a somewhat exaggerated shoulder petting aimed at any man out there concerned about his attractiveness based on ground no further than hair loss.

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