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Hair loss

Apart from many serious health conditions, hair loss is considered to be one of the most distressful conditions since it can be quite embarrassing when bald patches start to appear on the head. Hair baldness is the condition that occurs in both men and women, but except from baldness, thinning of hair, receding hair lines, damaged hairs and dry hair are some of the problems that many people have to face.

It is very important to know the causes which are responsible for the hair loss or unhealthy hair in order to treat them effectively. What is more, it is recommended to pay everyday attention to the hair in order to prevent possible hair loss. In most cases, unhealthy diet, poor blood circulation to the scalp, unhealthy lifestyle and treating of hair are the most common causes for the hair problems. Furthermore, hair product which contains strong chemicals may also be harmful for the hair, causing the thinning of the hair and a subsequent hair loss.

Remedies for hair loss

As we have already mentioned, inadequate blood flow to the scalp may cause hair loss. The hair thus stays deprived of essential oxygen and essential nutrients; therefore, it is recommended to perform certain cardiovascular exercises. What cardiovascular exercise is the most suitable for the individual should be determined together with the doctor, but they should be performed regularly in order to be the most effective in promoting the hair growth.

In order to improve the blood flow to the scalp, head massages are highly recommended. The massage should be done with coconut oil for about 15 minutes every day, and those people who practice this every day should be amazed how this is effective after certain period of time.

Those people who have severe hair loss should opt for hair transplant surgery, of course, if they can afford it. In this type of surgery, the hair is removed from certain parts and then it is transplanted on the bald patches on the head. It is not a complicated procedure although it can cause discomforts, mild pain and formation of scabs.

Healthy diet is essential for hair growth and healthy look of the hair. The hair is made of proteins, which is why it is important to include proteins in everyday diet. Furthermore, vitamin B also is very good for promoting the hair growth. In order to regrow the hair on the bald patches successfully, it is necessary to combine all these methods and to stick to them everyday.

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