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Information on Side Foot

Feet are one of the most important parts of the human body because they are constantly exposed to physical pressure. They provide a steady base, allow the movement and they are also in charge of absorbing the shocks that the human body experiences when walking, running, or jumping.


There are numerous different medical conditions that may cause painful sensations on the side of the foot. One of the most common of all those medical conditions is the one known by the name of tendonitis and it is usually characterized by painful sensations which may occur on the outer side of the foot, just a little in front of the heel area.

Tendonitis is usually triggered by wearing shoes which are too narrow so they irritate the tendon which is located at the side of the foot but they may also affect the cuboid bone. The pain that is associated with most cases of tendonitis is usually diffuse. Sometimes tendonitis may be triggered by the tibialis posterior tendon at the area where it gets attached into the inside of the foot and it is usually due to the increased collapse of the arch. Another condition that is known as the tailors bunion can also be the cause of painful sensations. It is a bony bump on the outer side of the foot located slightly behind the toes.

The condition involves the enlargement of one of the metatarsal bones and it is usually hereditary. Bursitis is one of the medical conditions that can also be associated with painful sensations on the side of the foot. It commonly accompanies the aforementioned bunion and can be characterized by painful sensations and swelling of the affected area.

The bursal sac gets developed and it is usually filled with fluid used for the lubrications of bones, muscles, tendons and other tissue in the foot. It actually protects the area of the foot that has suffered a micro-trauma. When the trauma does not get treated on time, the bursal sac becomes inflamed and triggers painful sensations on the side of the foot.

Sometimes the fifth metatarsal bone can be fractured which can be rather painful and the painful sensation commonly affects the side of the foot. Blisters can also cause the sides of the foot to become painful, usually because of ill-fitting shoes which may irritate the skin.

Other causes of painful sensations on the side of the foot may include skin fissures, ganglions and the sinus tarsi syndrome.

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