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Information on Foot Pain

Painful sensations in the foot are pretty much common. Since the foot is very complex, and it consists of a large number of different bones and joints. Besides those the foot contains numerous layers of ligaments, muscles and nerves. Each step places the feet under a lot of pressure and that is why it is common to feel foot pain.

The most common of all painful sensations that may affect the foot are the ones that affect the heel. Most painful sensations that occur in certain parts of them can be treated in a fairly easy and inexpensive manner.

Causes of Foot Pain

One of the main causes of foot pain may be the process of aging. It causes the feet to become flat and wide and wears their padding. It also dries the skin on the feet and leads to numerous different medical conditions, diseases and ailments such as arthritis, circulatory diseases and diabetes.

Foot pain usually occurs more in female patients than in male patients, especially when it comes to severe cases of foot pain. This is due to the fact that most women wear shoes equipped with high heels. There are also numerous occupational risk factors which may significantly increase the risk of foot pain.

People who spend a lot of time on their feet at work usually experience severe foot pain or discomfort. Pregnancy brings along additional weight so it is very likely that a pregnant woman may experience foot pain as a result of that. Some cases may also include swollen ankles and swollen feet. Pregnancy also triggers an increased production of certain types of hormones whose purpose is to enhance the relaxation of the foot ligaments.

Foot pain can also be triggered by certain types of sports, jogging, running or dancing. It can also be said for shin splints, knee pain and heel pain. When a person gains some weight it is rather normal to feel mild foot pain and in some rare cases even certain types of ankle injuries.

Overpronation can also be one of the major contributing factors because it involves flattening of the arches and the rolling inwards motion of the foot.

Additional information

A foot can be divided into the heel, mid foot and the forefoot. There are also three different arches and those are the medial arch, the transverse arch and the lateral part. Sometimes the lateral foot pain can become chronic. The treatment usually involves anti-inflammatory medications and foot orthotics.

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