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Information on Little Toe

Sometimes the little toe can become sore which makes certaindaily activities very uncomfortable. Proper treatment can be performed onlyafter determining the exact cause of the ailment. A toe can become sore byrubbing on tight shoes. Stepping awkwardly or dropping a heavy object on thetoe can also cause certain troubles.

Constant movement, friction and pressurecan cause tenderness, irritation, blisters, and painful sensations. Minorinjuries can be treating by applying topically one of the numerous antibioticointments available on the market and wrapping the affected area in someadhesive bandage. One needs to rest as much as possible and avoid wearinguncomfortable shoes. Another medical that can get developed is corn and it canbe characterized by by a rough, tender patch of skin.

It affects the sides ofthe toes and in certain cases it can be rather painful. Its treatment is usually pretty much the sameas the aforementioned treatment for blisters. Certain severe cases may requiresurgical intervention. Bunionette is a medical condition in which the littletoe bone protrudes the skin due to excessive exposure to pressure.

Ice compresscan come in really handy when it comes to the soothing of the irritation and itcan also relieve the inflammation and the swelling. Anti-inflammatory drugs canhelp in speeding up the process of recovery. The most extreme type of injurythat may cause the little toe to be painful is a broken toe.

The condition canbe rather debilitating and very painful. In order to relieve the pain, an icecompress can come in very handy. If a person experiences a broken tea, she orhe needs to seek immediate medical attention. The broken toe needs to be manuallystraightened and wrapped up in a protective bandage.


Fractures are a group if injuries that can also be the causeof painful little toes. The most common type of fracture that may affect thelittle toe is the metatarsal fracture.

A foot consists of bones, tendons,muscles and certain types of soft tissues. Metatarsal fractures are pretty muchcommon medical conditions but still they need to be checked by a specialist.

All fractures can be divided into two main categories and those are stressfractures and traumatic fractures. Toe fractures are usually of traumatic type.They are usually caused by a direct impact and they can be nondisplaced ordisplaced.

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