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Information on Chronic Tendonitis

Tendons are the connective tissues in the human body andtheir main purpose is to attach to muscles to the bones. Tendons also make thestretching of the muscles and the movement of the joints possible. As the humanbody ages, the daily wear and tear gradually decreases the elasticity of the tendons.When the tendons become inflamed, the medical condition is referred to astendonitis. This condition is associated with painful sensations and restrictedmovement of the affected part of the body. The most common parts of the bodyaffected by tendonitis include feet, shoulders, elbows, ankles, hands andheels. There are also cases of acutetendonitis which are commonly triggered by temporary causes and are usuallyeasily cured by medicaments and exercises in a matter of only a few days.Recurring or chronic tendonitis is a much more unpleasant thing because theweakened tendons make the sufferer much more prone to various injuries.

The most common causes of chronic tendonitis include musclecramps, sprains, excessive pressure on the tendons, overexercise, strains,excessive stretching of the muscles, wrong posture, wrong way of exercising,injuries to the tendons, repetitive motions, arthritis and the process ofagain.

The symptoms of chronic tendonitis include pain which laststhroughout the day, pain when the affected area is touched, pain during the movement,restricted movement of the affected area and pain when pressure is applied tothe affected tendon during any type of physical activity. Other symptoms mayinclude inflammatory conditions, fluid accumulation in the affected area,lumpiness, warmness, swelling or redness at the affected area, and sometimes evenburning sensations at the affected area.

Warning Signs or Early Tendonitis Symptoms

If tendonitis gets recognized and diagnosed early enough, itis possible to treat it simply by using some natural methods. But in order todo so, one needs to pay attention to early signs and symptoms which commonlyinclude pain during and after movements of the affected area, severe pain whichoccurs during the night or in the morning, swelling and stiffness in theaffected area, muscle pain, and restricted movement without any painfulsensations. The treatment options for the chronic tendonitis include physicaltherapies which may improve the movement of the affected area, massages withmustard oil, olive oil or sesame oil, the use of prescribed medications andover the counter pain killers, sufficient amounts of rest, stretchingexercises, ice packs, surgical treatments, braces and splints.

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