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Males and Urination Pain
This condition is most frequently defined as the overall unpleasantness and occurrence of discomfort when urinating. Among most frequent symptoms to follow this condition are inability to hold it back and the frequency. Given the fairly serious nature of the condition, all members of the male population suffering from it should and ought to visit their doctor for examination and tests, since this can be triggered by a particular infection.
Causes of Painful Male Urination
Among the most frequent underlying causes of extremely and unpleasantly aching urination are the following: Urinary Tract Infections – most often such as prostatitis or bladder related infections are considered to be two of the most common and frequent culprits causing the occurrence of painful urination in a person, Sexually Transmitted Diseases – such as, for example, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are the other two fairly common culprits to take the blame for the occurrence of pain while urinating. Those suffering from this particular type pf urination pain most often report the excretion of urine that is somewhere in between clear-white and light yellow in color. What is also worth knowing is that in those men who are younger in age, the main culprit for the occurrence of pain while urinating is exactly some particular type of a sexually transmitted disease, whereas in those men who are older, the most common culprits are considered to be either prostatitis or a variant of the bladder infection.
When to Ask for Medical Aid
Since this condition is not a naive one at all, to say the least, in particular circumstances there is more than evident need for the help of a doctor or other expert from this area. Such situations include the following – Person in question feels extremely weak and is unable to stand straight on his/her ownPerson in question is not capable of urinating at all, or if he/she is capable, but in a small quantity and the person in question feels intense painPerson in question has a fever of 38.1 C (that is pf 100.5 F)Person in question is having chillsPerson in question experiences back and side pain that soon become unbearablePerson in question is often under spells of abdominal painPerson in question experiences intense pain and there might also occur a swelling in the scrotum areaPerson in question is unable to move, or is completely bedriddenPerson in question is a transplant patientYou need to get in contact and get your doctor over at your place immediately and without any hesitation if:You notice blood in your urinePresence of the pus, either yellow or white, seen at the end of a person’s penisYou suffer from painful urination for quite some time and the pain keeps getting worse and worse, and more unbearable than everWhen it comes to the treatment, since painful urination is actually only a sign and it points to a more severe condition, then the best way to treat it is by discovering and remedying the primary culprit of it all.

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