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General facts
When it comes to allergies and their nature, these are most certainly considered to be among those most frequent culprits for the occurrence of a sore throat in a person. As far as the sore throat is concerned, in general it stands for an inflammation occurring in the throat itself and it can be brought about by a great number of different causes. Another familiar name for a sore throat is also a strep throat and the condition in question is regarded as that most frequently occurring manifestation that befalls just about any person at one point of life. Having in mind all of the culprits for the onset of a sore throat, those that must be mentioned first are certainly the common cold and allergies of various types. The difficulty lies in the fact that the manifestations indicative of the sore throat that comes from the common cold or a particular kind of an allergy resemble one another to a fairly great extent, it is often rather difficult to determine precisely and immediately the underlying condition responsible for the onset of a sore throat in a particular person.
It is a wide known fact that allergies are induced once our immune system makes a bad judgment and starts treating certain substances, such as pollen or mold for example, as germs and also other harmful microorganisms. As a direct consequence of this “confusion” the immune system begins to produce chemicals with the aim of battling the threat in question. In the group of those most frequent allergy causes, we find such as dust mites, pollen, mold, smoke coming from cigarettes, as well as animal hackles, but yet another common culprit for the onset of soreness in a person’s throat is considered to be the hay fever as well. Those who have the misfortune of being constantly under the influence of industrial pollutants, heavy metals or Candida tend to have more severe problems and their soreness often tends to become chronic in nature.
Among those most frequently occurring manifestations that tend to befall a person in question under the influence of the above mentioned condition are such as runny nose, sneezing, intensive cough, difficulty in swallowing and the blockage of the person’s nasal canals, i.e. passages.
A sore throat that is a direct consequence of a particular allergy needs not be cured by means of medications, or thorough specific treatment by the use of particular drugs. Instead, such essential oils as the peppermint oil, together with proper homeopathic treatment techniques are most aiding and effective in treating the condition in question. Also, extremely helpful is the technique of lukewarm salty waters gargling, various lozenges and throat sprays.

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