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Unfortunately, for many people today this particular type of pain has become an extremelyfrequent occurrence and problematic health issue. One thing that should beknown is that the culprits that initiate the occurrence of acute, and alsochronic chest pain, are not always directly connected to the cardiovascularsystem. Most certainly it falls into the category of those types of painthat are of a rather unpleasant nature, and that can even cause a lot of fearin a person suffering from them. The main reason behind this fear is the factthat it is most often considered to be one of the initial signs of a heartattack. There are also numerous case in which this type of pain, morespecifically the acute one, does not have any connection to any of the heartrelated problematic issues.

Mostcommon causes of chest aches

Giventhe fact that it can occur either in the right or the left side of the chest,the essential characteristics of this pain vary due to a particular culpritthat is responsible for causing them. Among those considered to be the mostfrequent of culprits are the following:

Culprits of cardiac nature

Heartattack is considered to be the causer of a pressure pain, and extremelyintense one, which feels like your chest are going to burst into pieces, and itis known to last for a several minutes. It is highly unpleasant one. Another downsideis that this particular pain often has the tendency to spread to the backareas, arms, neck, and shoulders, arms (especially the left one) and the jaw.

Angina is the causer of a pain that induces the occurrence of pressure and tightness, which is known to last more than several minutes. Its main initiators areconsidered to be emotional, as well as physical stress.

Inflammationof the pericarditis induces an extremely sharp, stabbing pain that is acutein nature. Other accompanying symptoms may also include fever and sickness.

Culprits non-cardiac in nature

Heartburn is the main causer of an extremely piercing and thus sharp chest pain. It is otherwise known as the unpleasant and extremely aching burning sensation that appears in the sternum areas and is followed by a sour taste and regurgitation.

Amongthe rest of common culprits for chest pain that are not cardiac in nature are such as panic attacks, pleurisy, achalasia, shingles, and pancreas relatedproblems.

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