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Painful Middle Toe
This type of pain is also commonly referred to as the hammer toe and it comes about once the joint situated in the middle toe gets dislocated, leaving the toe in question bent in the middle part. When it comes to categorization of the occurring pain, important thing to know is that there exist different kinds of middle toe joint pain. With the flexible type in question the person is able to bring his/her toe in a straight position in a manual manner. As for the second type, the more inflexible one in nature, the person in question is completely unable of straightening the toe. In the second case scenario, the accompanying pain is also much greater in intensity and thus more difficult to bear.
Most Common Symptoms and causes
Among the most frequently occurring symptoms of this particular type of finger pain we find such as ulcers, various toe infections, cramping of the toe and shooting pain not only in the toe in question, but also at the toe base and ball of the foot. Other fairly common manifestations include the redness and the swelling of the joints, occurrence of ache when this particular joint is used for certain action, uneasiness, appearance of corns at the tip of the toes, as well as calluses underneath the toes and on the soles.
Just like with the majority of similar conditions, there exists a great variety of culprits for the occurrence of middle toe joint pain. The most common ones include injury to the toe, high-arch foot, pressure caused by a bunion and wearing of the shoes not fitting properly to the person’s leg. Among the most frequent underlying factors that can bring about the occurrence of the pain in the middle joint are arthritis, family history of the condition in question, high heels together with the rest of the unfitting footwear, and also corns, bunions, and calluses.
Treatment Method
The most effective treatment techniques for alleviating and warding off this pain are solely dependable upon the seriousness of the problem itself. Some of the most commonly employed techniques include application of splints, small cushions, pads for corns and even straps and orthotics. Other also effective remedies that can aid you in overcoming this pain are moisturizing creams that aid in maintaining the softness and tenderness of the toe skin, as well as the employment of the roomier shoes.

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