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It is an already known fact thatpoisoning by a particular kind of food is due to the presence oftoxins or pathogens in that very same food. As a direct consequence of this thereoccur manifestations, at first, manifestations not that severe in nature but that are in direct relation with the effect of the present pathogen or toxin that influencesthe overall health of the person suffering from poisoning. And given itsvariable nature, the duration period is also prone to variations due to thefact that different people react to a poisoning differently.

Main culprits

At the very bottom of this particular conditionmostly lie organisms infectious in nature, together with all the toxins theytend to produce. If we look into statistics, the greatest majority of food poisoningcases occurs due to improperly cooked and inappropriately handled food, as wellas due to improper storing of the food materials. Among the main culprits forsetting the poisoning process on are such as different viruses, bacteria,parasites and alike. When it comes to bacteria, those most frequent causersinclude campylobacter, E. coli, staph, botulism, salmonella, clostridiumperfringens and alike. In the case of parasites, most frequent causer istoxoplasmosis. This is a condition induced by toxoplasma gondii. As for theviruses, regarded as the main culprit is the Norwalk virus. But those toxicsubstances that are produced by the above mentioned microorganisms are notthe only culprits for food poisoning, for this condition can be initiated bytoxins originating from a shellfish, solanine, as well as other fish andparticularly mushrooms.


When it comes to manifestations, it is knownthat food induced poisoning can begin as quick as a couple of hours after thepoisoned food has been taken into the person’s body, with the manifestationsdifferent in nature and depending upon the causer, depending on the present health of the person in question, andthe age of that same person. In the category of the most common and frequentmanifestations are the following – vomiting, nausea, cramps in the stomach,diarrhea, pain in the abdominal region, appetite loss, whereas in particular cases, there may also occur numbness, blurred vision, bloody vomiting, diarrhea, andhigh fever.


Given the fact that the poisoningitself has a fairly short “incubation” period, the manifestations themselveshave the tendency to last from one to ten days, depending on the nature ofthe poisoning, the age and the health of a poisoned person.

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