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Many people feel the pain in the elbow due to some injury or trauma, but in many cases the pain itself doesn`t have to be related to the injury at all.

Causes of the Pain in the Elbow

Sportsmen usually tend to strain certain muscles of their body, which leads them to the pain in that area of the body. If they happen to have the injured or inflamed tendons (the tissues that connect bone and muscles), they may have the condition named tendonitis. Due to this condition, a person is to feel the pain. People who play tennis are most likely to strain the muscles of the elbow, or injure the tendons, and that condition is called tennis elbow. You can also overstrain or overuse your elbow by doing some everyday activities such as screw driving, gardening or playing some sports like basketball, for example. There are some other causes of the pain in the elbow and they include various infections of this part of the body, strained elbow, arthritis or bursitis, which is a condition of the inflamed skin of the elbow.

Prevention and Home Remedies

There are some home remedies that can help you prevent and reduce the pain in the elbow. You can try applying the ice pack wrapped in a washcloth on the elbow for about 15 minutes, and you should repeat this method for a couple of hours, if possible. Before doing any physical exercise, you should warm up properly. Another very helpful method for reducing elbow pain is trying to elevate the elbow above the level of your heart. If you know what activity caused you to have the pain in the elbow, you should stop with that activity for the next couple of weeks. Physical therapy can also be a good home remedy for this problem, but taking medication such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen could be good for you as well. Try wearing elbow band and using elbow sleeve to avoid having the pain in the elbow.

In case, none of the above-mentioned methods for reducing the pain have helped you, then you should visit a doctor as soon as possible. There are some other causes when you should seek immediate medical help, and they include having swollen elbow accompanied by fever, disability of using elbow at all, visible deformities of the elbow, pain caused by the injury or tendonitis, which was not cured with the treatments. However, if your child suffers from the painful elbow, you should take him/her to the doctor.

When going to the doctor, you should to tell him/her when the pain started, and you should also tell about the possible cause of it, and for how long the pain lasts. Doctors usually suggest physical therapies, which will help you reduce the pain in the elbow.

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