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Elbow Bursitis

In order to explain what elbow bursitis is, we will start with explaining what bursitis is. In human bodies there are small sacs filled with fluid. They are called bursa and they function as a cushion between the bone and the tendon. They are mostly located in joints and cushion the moving parts, since the sac is very slippery. The problem we are talking about starts when the sac gets inflamed. But the bursa we are talking about is elbow bursa and it is located behind the elbow. The following article will focus on the treatment of the elbow bursitis.


Naturally, injury is the most common way of developing this problem. The injury may come from a number of reasons, such as fall, and then the elbow suffers a constant pressure. Also, the problem is easily developed among people who rest elbow on hard surfaces. Overuse of the elbow (when playing sports or something similar), gout, rheumatoid arthritis and infection can also lead to elbow bursitis. But sometimes there is even no reason real for developing this problem.


Since the sac is gathering fluid, in order to eliminate the problem, the fluid must be drained. The common way of doing this is with the use of needle. Cortisone injection is used after the extraction of the fluid. The problem must be eliminated and this prevents the repetitive buildup of fluid. The treatment may include medications and some of the most commonly prescribed include steroids, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics. In some cases, the problem may not be resolved with the use of simple medications and this is when surgery comes in play. The surgery is done only when every other option proves ineffective. You can also do some things at your home that can help to resolve the problem. Any activity done can only increase the pain, so try to relax and rest the elbow. Applying ice packs is also a good idea, so just put ice in a towel and wrap it around the troubling spot. Also, elastic bandage can be used and it can decrease the swelling. When you sleep, the heart should be at the lower level than the elbow. For accomplishing this, you can use two pillows. You can surely avoid even having elbow bursitis problem. To do this, just avoid things that can cause it, like excessive use of elbow, applying pressure, injury, and don't forget to stretch prior to any exercising. Do this and the problem of elbow bursitis will not be your problem.

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