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Pain in the left side of the stomach affects people of both sexes and all ages, and it can be sharp and sudden, or persistent and chronic, requiring in some cases immediate medical check. There are many reasons why it happens. It is not uncommon that this pain results from the pain spreading from some other part of the abdomen, as well as it is not at all unusual that the causes of central abdominal pain or even right side abdominal pain overlap and cause pain on the left side.

The pain can be caused by various disease processes which affect organs on the left side of the abdomen, but among very common causes of such pain are bowel obstruction, diverticulitis, viral hepatitis and pelvic inflammatory disease.

Bowel Obstruction on the left side of the intestines is usually followed by vomiting and loose stools or no stools. Immediate medical attention is necessary, because if untreated, this condition may lead to numerous other complications, including serious infections which can cause eternal damage.

Diverticulitis is also one of the more common reasons for the pain in the left side of the abdomen, but it is usually related to the older patients. As the illness develops, this pain is one of the most common signs of it. Some of the following symptoms are also nausea and constipation, and even though this illness is easily treated, a medical check is also required.

Viral Hepatitis is one of the most serious and dangerous diseases which left side stomach pain may indicate. This disease can appear in several different forms and it can even cause death. One of the main symptoms here is yellowing of the skin and the whites of the eyes, which can easily be noticed, but nausea and dark-tinted urine are also very common. Once these symptoms are noticed, every physical contact with other people should be avoided, and a doctor should be consulted as soon as possible.

The pain in the left side of the stomach which may have firstly originated in the back and moved gradually to the front, may also indicate that the kidney stone has passed from the left kidney. In this situation, the patient should go to the ER instantly, in order to avoid many possible complications.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease is typical of women, and in such cases, this pain is usually followed by fever. Women with these symptoms should see their gynecologist for diagnosis straight away.

Even though it does not necessarily have to be the sign of some bigger problem, the pain in the left side of the stomach may also indicate many kinds of cancers, and colon cancer as well. In cases of colon cancer, this pain is usually followed by loss of appetite and weight for no reason, unexplained and lasting change in bowel habits and the appearance of the blood in the stools. If discovered in an early stage, this illness is completely treatable, which is why symptoms should not be ignored.

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