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Pain in the upper left abdomen

Abdomen is a part of the body where many organs aresituated. Therefore, when pain in the abdomen occurs, it indicates that some ofthese organs or structures are affected by some disorder or disease. Upper left abdominal pain is also called upper left quadrantabdominal pain. In this part of the abdomen several organs such as thespleen, tail end of the pancreas, left kidney, left lower ribs and part of theintestines and stomach are located.

Causes of upper left abdominal pain

One of the causes for the appearance of the severepain in the upper left abdomen is kidney stones, particularly when the stone isin the upper part of the left ureter. Ureters are tubes that connect thekidneys with the bladder. Another cause for upper left abdominal pain is pyelonephritis,which is the medical term for the kidney infection.Pancreatitis or the inflammation of the pancreas is alsoresponsible for the pain in the upper left abdomen. Since the tail of thepancreas is found in the upper left abdomen, therefore, when the inflammation affectsthe tail of the pancreas, then the pain in the upper left abdomen occurs. Pancreatitisis usually caused due to excessive consumption of alcohol.When one suffers from pancreatic cancer, the pain inthe upper left abdomen may occur along with some other symptoms, such asjaundice, weight loss, pale stool and loss of appetite.Abdominal aortic aneurysm is the condition when theaorta being distended ruptures and starts to leak. When one suffers from leakingor ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm, the pain in the central abdomen easilyspreads to the left abdominal area. This pain is accompanied by sudden dropin the blood pressure and the person collapses.When the cancer affects the left side of the bowel,the pain in this region occurs.Furthermore, food poisoning can also lead to theappearance of pain in the upper left abdomen. The person who got poisoned may alsoexperience nausea, vomiting and fever.The inflammation of the lower part of the left lungor lower left pneumonia is also responsible for the upper left abdominal pain. Othersymptoms of this lung disease include cough, fever and yellowish or brownsputum or mucus.

Other medical conditions that are potential causesfor the pain in the upper left abdomen are gastric volvulus, Henoch-Schönlein-purpura,transverse colon volvulus and trapped wind, as well as skin disorders in thisarea.

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