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Right kidney, pancreas, liver and several other vital organs in the human body are covered by the abdomen and if disorder or an injury strikes some of them, right side abdominal pain may be experienced. There are numerous reasons for the presence of abdominal pain and no matter what kind of pain is in question, the pain must be treated and so you have to go to the doctor's office and report the problem. We will state a few causes of the lower abdominal pain.


Appendicitis is one of the possible causes and this is the vermiform infection, which can cause weakling of the appendix wall and thus its rupture. Symptoms of this problem are blockage, irritation, reddening, inflammation and pain in the right side of the abdomen. Young adults and teenagers suffer from appendicitis the most. Next possible cause is inguinal hernia, which is most common among men and causes most of the abdominal pain cases. It results in discomfort, particularly felt when lifting objects and when involved in a straining action, and pain in the lower abdomen. Kidney stone can also cause the pain in question and it is maybe the most terrible pain a human can experience. Calcium or urea can gather up in the body and get stored in the form of crystalline stones. These stones are the kidney stones and if they are in the right kidney, a person would feel a lower right side pain in the abdomen. Ectopic pregnancy can cause lower right side abdominal pain during pregnancy and it is a complication that occurs once the egg reaches a certain area of the reproductive system and not the uterus, as it should. Fallopian tube is where the egg usually stops and miscarriage is the result of this situation. Lower right abdominal pain can be a result of the fertilized egg planted in the fallopian tube. Males, mostly adolescents, can suffer from a twisted spermic cord, which would reduce the blood supply to the testicles. This problem is called testicular torsion and can be caused by deformity or trauma. Symptoms of this condition are vomiting, nausea, fever and lower right abdominal pain.

Some other possible causes of lower right side abdominal pain are ovarian cancer among women, uterine fibroids, diverticulitis and Crohn's disease.


Treatment of the mentioned causes is possible but you have to go to the hospital once the sharp, frequent or sudden lower right abdominal pain starts, in order to receive treatment on time. Appendicitis can only be treated with appendectomy, while inguinal hernia can be treated with two surgical procedures called laparoscopy and herniorrhaphy. Size of the kidney stones determines the treatment and so medications can help with the smaller ones, while bigger require surgical procedure. Know that fertilization egg determines the treatment of the ectopic pregnancy, which can be lethal if not treated on time. Testicular torsion can only be treated with a surgery.

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