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Pain in the lower right abdomen is located on the right side of the stomach under the belly button. Obviously it does not necessarily have to berestricted solely to that area for it can spread around it. The causes forthis kind of pain are indeed quite diverse.

Appendicitis is the most common cause for this type of painif a person is between 11 and 39 years of age. It is a bacterial infection ofthe appendix, which spreads from the belly button to the lower right abdomen.Its symptoms include vomiting, loss of appetite and fever.

Another possible, but highly unlikely cause for lower rightabdominal pain is bowel cancer. It usually happens to older people whoexperience significant loss of weight and the appetite as well as noticeable changesin bowel functions.

Constipation causes pain in the lowerright abdomen without an exception. If one experiences both abnormally infrequent bowel movementsand lower abdominal pain they are undoubtedly related.

Crohn’s Disease is a chronic condition which causesinflammation of the intestines, thereby causing abdominal pain. It is sometimesdifficult to diagnose because it resembles many other conditions whichpotentially cause abdominal pain.

A frequent cause of this type of abdominal pain in womenwhich are in child-bearing years is ectopic pregnancy. This kind of pregnancymeans that the fetus is growing outside the uterus. Many women may not even beaware that they are pregnant at this point, since it occurs at a very earlystage of pregnancy. This condition is very serious and requires immediatemedical attention because the growing fetus could rupture an organ and causemassive bleeding which is very critical. Aside from lower right abdominal pain,the signs of ectopic pregnancy includes dizziness, weakness and possible vaginalbleeding.

A hernia is another problem that can cause this kind of pain,if it is located on the right side itself and involves the stomach. The sideeffects of this kind of hernia are possible swelling in the right groin or thigh as well as vomiting and bloating.

Kidney stones are another potential cause of the lower rightabdominal pain. What they do is drain the kidney area which includes theabdomen, causing unbearable pain in the right abdomen which spreads quickly tothe loin.

These are just some of the numerous causes for the pain inthe lower right abdomen, but whether the cause is recognized here or not, one should not ignore somewhat considerable pain in the lower right abdomen, for itcan be a sign of something serious and urgent. The best option is to have itchecked out immediately and be on the safe side.

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