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Although pregnancy may be the best period of a woman’s life, it can bring an unexpected pain and difficulty during that time. During the period of pregnancy, a mother must maintain good physical condition, because a baby lives inside her body and provides itself with all the necessary food. Inconsistent periods are one of the early symptoms of pregnancy. It is a well-known fact that every woman experiences pain when in early stages of pregnancy.

After getting pregnant, a woman’s body starts to change. Changes can be seen in the size of her breasts. There is a fat tissue inside her breasts, and they are getting bigger because of the milk glands. The nipples have a tendency to become darker and release colostrum. In that period of her life, a woman is always tired and exhausted. One should be careful with this symptom, because it could mean that a woman is anemic. This can be prevented by doing regular blood tests, doing adjusted exercise and by resting. The reason for back pain, which is common in most of pregnancies, is the pressure in the back, because of the enlargement of uterus. Common symptoms are nausea and vomiting in the fist trimester of pregnancy. Not all women have these problem, but the key of the prevention of this discomforting symptom is to avoid greasy food. Cereals, toast and bakers are the most appropriate food for a woman to eat before sleeping. A lot of contemplating about the change in life when a newborn comes into this world, can bring a headache. The fetus is growing inside a woman’s uterus and is making a pressure on the bladder. So, a woman could urinate more often than before. It is completely normal. On the other side, if there is a sign of burning sensation when urinating, then it may lead to conclusion that there is a urinary infection. A doctor should be consulted. The level of the blood sugar can vary during the pregnancy, which is why dizziness may appear as one of the symptoms. During those nine months, a mother should eat healthy food in order to ensure her and baby’s good health. Pain, as in menstrual period is a normal sign of growing uterus. Digestive system is about to change in pregnancy, so that is why a woman has a problem with digestion or a burning sensation in her stomach. Feet and legs swell as well. It is because of the big pressure of the baby in the uterus.

Most of these symptoms can be treated by eating a healthy food and leading a healthy life-style.

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