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Every operation has a certain amount of side effects and so does hysterectomy. We will give you side effects that are most common after hysterectomy. Hysterectomy is a surgical procedure that is done with women when their uterus needs to be removed. This operation can change woman’s life, so it is important for a woman to carefully think through before undergoing this surgery. With the removal of the uterus, woman’s chances of reproduction are destroyed, since a woman carries a fetus in the uterus, and provides it with all the necessary nourishment and food. With the loss of the uterus a menstrual period also stops. Thing that may have influence on the possible side effect of hysterectomy can be determined by the patient’s age type of hysterectomy and if she is still having a menstruation period. After the removal of the uterus, the body is unaware that that part is missing and it continues to function the same as before. But, menstruation and hormonal imbalances begins. The symptoms may be similar to the symptoms that appear before menstrual period begins.

There are a lot of physical side effects that can happen to a woman after the hysterectomy. She may become more easily tired than before, or she may suffer from headaches. Because there is a bladder near the uterus, she may suffer from urinary conditions. Some heart diseases may develop. There are many side effects that may appear. There are changes in the sexual desire in some women a sexual desire is increased while in others it is reduced. This is mainly because of the hormonal imbalance and painful intercourse.

All of these physical side effects can be fixed, but a woman is left with emotional side effects after this surgery. Those are the ones when she realizes that she has lost her capability for reproduction. That is the time when all family members must be there to ease her emotional stress that she is coping with, and it usually begins with depression. She has lost an important part of her. People who are around her must help her and assure that there are still good things in life and that hysterectomy had to be done for her own good. Hysterectomy is similar to menopause, with the only difference in the fact that hysterectomy is induced menopause. Women are fragile, so no matter how strong they seem from the outside, they always need support, and hysterectomy is not a small thing to carry it as a burden. One needs a soul just to listen.

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