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While some women have the good fortune of having the symptoms like morning sickness and stomach cramping completely avoid them, breast tenderness is one of the symptoms of pregnancy that rarely any woman doesn’t experience. It is also the very first symptom of pregnancy, although there is a common misconception that that sign is not getting the period.

How uncomfortable is breast tenderness?

Breast tenderness can be a bit more than just an uncomfortable symptom for some women. Best case scenario is that its intensity will be moderate; however, in some cases the breasts can be so sore that it is almost painful. The symptoms go on to spread to the nipples, making them itchy and darker. It goes without saying that all that will make the breasts very sensitive to touch. Also, the tenderness and soreness will often result in the breasts somewhat swelling up, and the woman will feel like they have become quite the burden for her. Not to mention that shopping for a bigger size bra will be a requirement.

What are the causes of breast tenderness in early pregnancy?

As to why these changes occur in the first place, the answer lies in more than just one place. First of all, this symptom, like the majority of other symptoms of pregnancy, occurs partially because of all the hormonal imbalances inside the woman’s body. Once she’s pregnant, the woman’s entire body starts going through a number of changes and her hormones are all over the place, so it’s perfectly natural that they will result in different symptoms such as this one.

Another reason for breast tenderness is the fact that once the baby is born, the mother will need to feed it with the milk from her breasts. In order for her to be able to do this, her breasts start the production of milk from the very beginning of pregnancy. The way this is done is by forming the tissues and cells which will produce the breast milk. On the outside, the woman will feel that whole process in the form of breast tenderness and swelling.

What can be done to relieve breast tenderness in earlypregnancy?

The most important thing to do while experiencing breast tenderness is to find a comfortable bra, the kind that will not bring further discomfort to the breast. This particular kind of bra is recommended to wear while sleeping as well. One other thing to do is take long, warm, and relaxing baths.

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