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High levels of blood pressure can but do not necessarily have to affect a pregnancy and the mother and child. Many females who suffer from high blood pressure will be able to carry out a normal pregnancy with virtually no help from a specialist and with no damage done to her or her child’s health.

Pregnant females and elevated blood pressure

The first time a woman is expectant her chances of getting high blood pressure are higher compared to the second, third etc. pregnancy. A woman’s blood pressure tends to increase from the twenty first week of pregnancy, and after the labour things usually settle for themselves normally. However, some women will get preeclampsia during pregnancy because of the blood pressure.

Minor increases in blood pressure should not cause too much alarm. They can be effectively fought with only slight alterations to a woman’s way of life and nutrition plan. However, dramatic increases in the levels of blood pressure are something that requires professional medical assistance and close observation.

There is a value of blood pressure that is considered normal for a healthy adult, and it is 140 mm Hg systolic and 90 mm Hg diastolic. Why is it that women are prone to developing high blood pressure during pregnancy? The answer is pretty transparent. A pregnant woman carries another human body inside of her. Small as it may be, it requires additional amounts of oxygen and nutrients, which are delivered via mother’s blood. The trouble is – mother’s heart is the one that needs to pump the increased amount of blood.

This quantity of blood and the additional stress for the heart can be harmful for the mother. The blood pressure increase itself is the least of the problems – different medical problems, that may arise from it are the real hazard.

Signs of high blood pressure are very delicate and faint it may sometimes go unnoticed. This is why every pregnant woman needs to visit her doctor regularly and have her blood pressure monitored, among other things.

Natural prevention of blood pressure

There are things a pregnant woman can do to lower her level of blood pressure. One of them is getting enough rest. It is recommended that a pregnant woman lay down on her left side so as to help blood circulate more easily. Also, taking care about which types of food she takes in and how much physical exercise she gets is crucial. It is best that the pregnant woman consult her doctor who will advise her on what to eat and how active to be to ensure the optimal level of blood pressure.

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