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Ozone is known to be quite beneficial for our health. Numerous researches have been conducted and countless tests done, proving this healing theory. However, many people still doubt this and ozone remains considered toxic and not recommended to be used for any medical purposes. This attitude mainly stems from the fact that ozone found in nature is usually that found in smog. This ozone, once inhaled can be toxic and is, therefore avoided when possible. However, recently, scientists have developed ozone generators capable of creating ozone from clear and clean oxygen. Ozone produced this way is known to be more than beneficial, capable of disinfecting water, killing bacteria, viruses and preventing many diseases, including middle ear infections causing hearing loss. In fact, since almost two centuries ago, this substance has been used in medicine for sterilization. Also, during the World War 2, doctors used ozone to treat wounds of the injured soldiers and people. All in all, ozone has plenty to offer to our medicine, and it is up to us to either recognize it, or prove it harmful.

Different Kinds of Ozone Therapy

As far as ozone therapies are concerned, we have developed intravenous autohemotransfusion, transdermal gas saunas, ozone gas injections, ozonated oils and some other products and methods. Also, ozone is used in dentistry, ozonated water exists for drinking and our intimate parts can be exposed to ozone, through rectal and vaginal insufflation. However, most of these things are performed in the company of a professional since there might be risks regarding ozone exposure of an individual.

Negative Sides Of Ozone

It is claimed that we, once exposed to ozone concentration larger than we are capable of tolerating, may get poisoned by it. What is more, in all the positive cases mentioned above, regarding the usage of ozone, we need to use more than our organism can bear, according to some researchers and doctors.

When we inhale ozone, it gets connected to our organism, affecting the lining of our lungs, damaging the tissue there. Furthermore, it stimulates the production of free radicals, causing cell damage and possible development of many different diseases, including cancer.

Positive Aspects of Ozone

Ozone has proven to be highly effective in fighting cancer and HIV. Several tests have been conducted and ozone therapy had positive results in all of them. With cancer patients, ozone is administered into the blood vessels, affecting the cancer cells which are not resistant to air which ozone consists of. However, all in all, ozone is still not accepted as a way of treatment due to lack of positive results. Nevertheless, this substance holds great promise and should be further looked into.

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