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Every non-conventional approach to the therapy is consideredto be alternative treatment. If it is used in combination with conventionalmedicine, it is often referred to as “complimentary” treatment. These can includethe usage of some herbal remedies, minerals or vitamins and even some peptidesor amino acids. As the matter of fact, all natural supplements that are nottoxic can be used in alternative methods of treatment. Patients suffering from any type of cancer very frequentlyuse alternative treatments, and some estimate that almost 70% of people diagnosedwith advanced cancers reach for alternative methods. Talking about patientssuffering from mesothelioma, alternative treatment options are not welldocumented. However, there are several alternative therapies available forthese patients, such as: vitamin C, ozone therapy, herbal remedies, and also Iscadorand Ukrain treatments.

Vitamin C Treatment

Vitamin C is very popular among people suffering from anytype of cancer, although it is also one of the most controversial treatmentsthat exist. The first to use this treatment was double Nobel Prize winner Dr.Linus Pauling, but no one else, and no institution got the same great resultswhen treating cancer patients with vitamin C.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone is activated form of oxygen and it contains threeinstead of usual two atoms of oxygen. It has been proved to possess germicidal,fungicidal and bactericidal properties, and there are also some scientificresearch indicating that cancer cells may also be affected by ozone environment.For more than 50 years, scientists conducted researches and they concluded thatrichly oxygenated aerobic environment is not suitable for cancer cells.

Herbal Remedies for Cancer Patients

Astragalus and cat’s claw has been used for centuries intraditional medicine. Astragalus membracenaceus is native Chinese herb, used toimprove vital energy. According to some research, it can affect tumor cells,inhibit their development and also improve the quality of life in patientssuffering from cancers. Cat’s claw or Uncaria tomentosa is native to South America. Resultsof several studies show anti-mutagenic and anti-proliferative properties of thisherbal remedy.

Iscador and Ukrain

Iscador is an extract of European plant known as Viscum album or mistletoe. Thereare few studies, but some of them suggest that this extract may improve immunefunction and quality of life, as well as survival rate in cancer patients.

Ukrain is the combination of chemotherapy drug Thiotepa andgreater celandine (Chelidonum majus). Randomized clinical trials show efficacy andimprovement in patients suffering from breast, bladder, pancreatic andcolorectal cancer, but further independent studies are required.

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