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Emotions or Chemistry?

We feel. Or, we simply like to thinkso. Emotions guide our ways of perceiving reality. We can look at thesame thing differently if we are under a different kind of emotion.Actually, emotions themselves shape our perception in this way, ourunderstanding of things around and within us.

However, if we are to degrade ouremotions, we are bound to come to quite an amazing conclusion.Namely, all our emotions are caused by chemical reactions in ourbody. The emotion chemicals, called peptides, are released accordingto the way we are supposed to feel. Our hypothalamus is in charge ofthis release of specific chemicals into our bloodstream.

Thus, even though many of us like toconsider ourselves sensitive beings, capable of feeling the outerworld in a unique, soul-guided manner, we can also be described asmachines made of flesh, an organism-mechanisms which function bymotivating the whole of our living device by providing adequatelytimed chemicals, having a specially predefined effect like sadness,happiness, anger, confusion, love etc.

The Chemical Reactions

All the previously mentioned chemicals,upon being released, have a specific destination they are being sentto. There are billions of cells in our organism. All these cells havereceptors for these chemicals. Therefore, what is sent from thebrain, finds its way in every single part of our body, exactly whereit is supposed to be. Subsequently, we feel.

However, we motivate the release ofthis chemicals, or emotions in that respect. So, by seeing somethingor being exposed to certain things, we trigger the release of certainemotions, which then have a specific impact on our body. All thesethings are highly subjective as we can interpret things uniquely.Thereby, your view of the world can influence your inner health andwell-being.

By having a positive outlook on theworld around you, you are bound to be happier and healthier on theinside. So, make sure you keep yourself healthy by providing aconstant release of adequate chemicals from your brain, doing goodfor the rest of your organism. Too much negative experiences andattitudes can release damaging substances in your body, making youprone to illnesses and many other dangerous states of being.

Thus, keep yourself safe by motivatingyour brain to make you that way. Happiness is just a matter ofperception, let it be positive.

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