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Most people do not realize that the indoor air can be even more polluted than the air outside. The home environment is exposed to all sorts of impurities and allergens, and every time the house is vacuumed or dusted, those harmful particles start flying around.

Ozone purifiers are advertised as devices that help to keep the air at home clean and fresh. They send out ozone, a colorless, tasteless and odorless gas that is similar to oxygen, only it has three atoms instead of two.

Types of ozone air purifiers

The market generally offers two basic types of ozone air purifying devices - direct and indirect ozone purifiers.

A direct ozone purifier releases ozone straight into the air, where it neutralizes the dust, allergens, pet dander and similar impurities.

An indirect ozone air purifier generates negative ions in addition to ozone, and that way it traps and removes the pollutants. These devices make a humming noise when they are turned on, which bothers some people, but most of them get used to it, after a while. If they use fans to distribute the ions, it can be a bit noisy.

Ozone air purifiers are widely available and they come in different sizes and prices, depending on the type and the manufacturer. They are very helpful for pet owners who wish to neutralize the odor of their pets, especially cat litter boxes. They are also effective against cigarette and cigar smoke and they neutralize kitchen and bathroom smells as well. These devices are even recommended for neutralization of chemical odors, for example after painting the walls or carpeting.

Safety of ozone air purifiers

Ozone air purifiers are certainly very useful and handy, but it is worth mentioning that there has been some controversy regarding their safety. Some experts believe that ozones are not very safe for breathing, that they can be harmful and even cause fatal complications.

Ozone is naturally found in the Earth’s atmosphere at high altitudes, where it provides protection from the ultraviolet rays. According to some scientists, ozone on ground level can be dangerous for humans and animals. In addition, the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States has found that breathing ozone causes lung irritation, bronchitis and other problems related to the respiratory system.

On the other hand, manufacturers of ozone purifiers claim that their products release small amounts of ozone that in no way can be harmful for human health. Still, it is difficult to know exactly how much ozone they release.

If a person is looking to purchase an ozone air purifier, it is best to do extensive online research and to buy only the trusted brands.

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