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 Ozone therapy for cancer

There is a treatment for cancer, which involves the use of oxygenated environment because cancerous cells are destroyed by it. This form of treatment is called oxygen ozone and it makes the blood re-oxygenated and thus more capable of fighting with this dangerous disease. The fact that cancerous cells cannot live in an oxygenated environment has been discovered by a Dr. Otto Warburg, who won the Nobel Laureate on two occasions. One of the causes of cancer, which can be considered the prime one is lack of oxygen. This situation makes growth of the cancer cells increased. The cells will enter a fermentation period if there is no oxygen in normal amounts for the aerobic respiration. The cells then become cancerous due to extreme growth, but this process can be reversed with the use of oxygen to saturate the cells.

Increasing the Oxygen Level Naturally

Pollutants, like cigarettes smoke and polluted air, should be avoided, while the intake of fresh vegetables and fruits is advised. This can increase cell-oxygen levels among the healthy individuals, but there are other things you can try also. The oxygen content in tap water is reduced due to the processing so try to drink spring water. Aerobic exercises and a proper diet are important factors in increasing the oxygen levels. You have to lead a healthy life in general so get enough of rest and fresh air and you can improve your health.

But if the body' oxygen economy breaks down, the disease can grow inside our body and the repeating cycle in our body will be hard to stop. This is when Oxygen Ozone therapy may prove to be useful.

Treatment with Oxygen Ozone Therapy

The therapy uses ozone, which passes through an ozone generator, and then it may be used in a few different ways. The point of this process is to oxygenate the blood. The first use of the first ozone is to infuse it with the patient's blood, which is then administered to the patient via a drip. This form of treatment has to be done every day. The second use is ozonated water, which is made with the O3 bubbling through the purified water, which can then be used in several ways and oxygenate the tissue. Ozonated steam bath, application of the ozonated olive oil on the skin and enema are some of the other ways of making the blood ozonated. This way of treatment is still in its pioneering days, so it is not legalized in the whole US, although it is in some areas. Injection or oral use of hydrogen peroxide can be administered during the Oxygen Ozone therapies, but remember that this can only be done by a licensed professional. Know that oxygen gas supplementation and oxygen ozone therapy are not the same. Oxygen gas involves risk and supervision by the doctor is required for this form of treating.

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