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Germanium is gray white chemical element, a semiconductor with electrical conductivity between a metal and insulator. Germanium ores are not that common.This metalloid is of diamond-like and crystal structure, lustrous and able to be sustained in the air. Germanium is used in integrated circuits due to its electrical conductivity and also can be the compound of glass, especially in lenses and in some infrared products. It is used as a protective element in radiation.

Germanium is believed to help the prevention of different cancers and other diseases due to its physiological activities. Some of its elements kills bacteria toxic to our organism. Germanium regulates the blood pressure, anxiety and depression problems, arthritis, poisoning and eyesight problems. It boosts the immune system by supplying the body with oxygen important for all the body cells and functions. Therefore, it makes the person feel better and lively.

Germanium is a biological-response modifier which kills free radicals. Germanium does not directly affect tumors and cancers but rather strengthens the immune system responsible for protecting the organism against diseases. Some research has been done on its beneficial sides which revealed that Germanium produces interferon, proteins important for protection against viruses.

With cancers this is of great importance since the immune system then can respond more effectively and better than before. Cancer cells are not supplied with oxygen and do not use it in metabolic processes. Germanium helps deliver the oxygen to all cells, even the cancer ones and thus can prevent the cancer cells from growing and spreading.

Having heard of its beneficial effects, Dr. Kazuhiko Asai from Japan carried out a number of researches into germanium. He extracted Germanium from plants which turned out to be an expensive process. That is why he tried to produce organic germanium Ge-132 with the same characteristics and elements as the natural one. Germanium is a compound of many herbs and plants, such as ginseng, aloe, garlic. The positive effects of these plants are widely known. Adding Germanium to the soil could improve growth.

The dosage for Germanium is around 1mg a day and regular intake of Germanium is supposed to improve the health and general condition of organism.

However, some medical experts have warned against certain supplements in Germanium potentially dangerous to health and disputed the nutritional value of this element although Germanium is of low toxicity. Either way, the beneficial aspects as well as the negative ones have not yet been scientifically proven completely.

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