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Chelation Therapy- Overview

Chelation therapy is a therapy in which chelation agents are administered in order to prevent poisoning induced by heavy metals. It most commonly refers to administration of EDTA- ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid, which is an excellent substance for binding iron, lead, mercury, cadmium and zinc.

Chelation therapy is highly efficient in case of lead poisoning. Still even though this form of therapy has been used in alternative medicine the facts and results related to treatment of cancer has not been fully investigated yet. This form of therapy can be toxic and it may lead to damage of certain organs such as kidneys and heart. It is also potentially lethal. Therefore, it has to be applied with high degree of precautions.

Chelation therapy with EDTA is approved treatment by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. It is allowed to be used for lead poisonings. Human body required additional substances which will bind heavy metals because it is not capable of breaking heavy metals and its proper elimination. Unless the metal is eliminated from the body it tends to accumulate in specific organs leading to permanent damage, both structural and functional. Apart from EDTA there are other chelating agents which help in elimination of heavy metals from the body.

Some scientist believes that EDTA can be good for reversing the process of atherosclerosis by reducing the amount of calcium in the blood. This is why this form of therapy has been used alternatively in some cases of heart disease. This form of therapy has been also used as an alternative to classic therapy in case of gangrene, thyroid disorders, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, psoriasis, arthritis, diabetes, and many more. Many alternative practitioners believe that chelation therapy may be effective in treatment of cancer.

How does it Work

Chelation therapy is most commonly administered intravenously. It can be given either as a short injection or over a period of several hours. The length of the treatment basically depends on the intensity of the poisoning.

Chelation therapy can be also administered orally. This form of therapy may also remove and eliminate essential vitamins and minerals from the body. This is why people need to take appropriate vitamin and mineral supplements during chelation therapy.

Problems and Side Effects of Chelation Therapy

There is not enough evidence to support or rule out possible side effects of chelation therapy. Therefore, all the available information is incomplete.

Still, there is no scientific evidence that chelation therapy may be effective in treatment of cancer. It may cause serious side effects including toxic effects, damage to kidneys and heart. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and transitory drop in blood pressure may occur as well. Removal of certain minerals from the body such as calcium may result in hypocalcemia and bone damage. It may also interfere in production of insulin. And finally, this therapy is strictly forbidden for pregnant women and for people suffering from kidney and liver diseases as well for those who have blood disorders.

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