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Isolated, Healthy Aspects of Our Sun

We all know how sun is important for us. Even though its radiation may be harmful due to excessive exposure, sun still provides our body with numerous nutrients it needs and influences our life greatly. Therefore, through centuries of experience, we have learned how to harvest only the best things from the sun above us. Therefore, we have learned how to isolate the helpful infrared aspects of the sun and use them for replenishing our health. Namely, infrared therapy provides our skin and body all the sun-gained benefits, without the harmful ultraviolet rays actual sun would also emit in the process. The energy emitted by these infrared rays travels several inches into our skin. There, it is capable of renewing our skin tissue and increases our blood circulation; healing us and making us feel better at the same time.

A Fact or Two about Infrared Rays and their Usage

When emitted from the sun, there are three different infrared rays available. The first one is the short wave infrared ray which is capable of raising our body's heat levels more quickly. Unfortunately, our body is unable to register this heating, causing us to be unaware of the negative consequence of these rays. For these reasons, short wave infrared waves are avoided from being used in infrared saunas. However, sometime in future, they might be applied, under close supervision of experts.

For all the reasons mentioned above, a vast majority of infrared sauna cabins use the long wave infrared rays since these are safer and, thereby, more practical. Nevertheless, combining long wave and short wave rays is also an option that some people chose. If you desire this kind of combination in your infrared sauna, you are advised to position the short wave ray emitters further away from your body, since, this way; it will take them longer to reach you.

All in all, we are exposed to infrared rays more than we can possibly presume. In fact, every time our body feels or produces heat, it is transferred through these rays. Whether this heat comes from a stove, a light bulb, or other sources we can feel while being away from them, these are all heat emissions, traveling through infrared rays.

Finally, we also produce infrared rays through our own body heat. Moreover, many traditional disciplines like yoga or meditation have all used our palms for applying our own infrared energy upon some sore parts of our body like our eyes, sinuses etc.

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