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Organic coconut milkBefore getting to the topic of organic coconut milk itself, it’s important to clarify one of the common misconceptions about coconuts in general. People tend to believe that no chemicals are used to grown coconut trees, so, judging by that fact, coconuts are all generally completely natural, unlike so many fruits. However, while this may be the case in some situations, it is very far from being the case in general. Where that does happen to be the case, the benefits of consuming such coconuts, as well as drinking the milk they produce, are immense.

As for the fruits and vegetables that are generally grown with the help of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, it has proven to be quite damaging and hazardous for both one’s health as well as the soil. Therefore, it is really important to start paying attention to which foods are organic and which aren’t in order to protect the health as much as possible.

Organic coconut milk – overview

Obviously, organic coconut milk results from coconuts that have been grown organically. That means that none of the previously mentioned chemicals were used for its growth, making the nutritional value of coconuts, as well as the one of its milk, so much higher. This is because this kind of milk has no additives, artificial flavors or sugars whatsoever. Its only components are the milk itself, which is extracted straight from the coconut, and very little water.

The way this milk is distributed is in the form of coconut milk and coconut cream. The difference is based on the amount of fat they contain. Coconut milk has lower fat content, somewhere bellow 20%, to be more specific, which basically means that more water was added to it. On the other hand, coconut cream has the fat content which is higher than 20% and minimal water content.

Positive effects that organic coconut milk has to one’s health

Organic coconut milk is filled with a number of important nutrients which make it quite healthy, indeed. The only problem is that it also has a quite high calorie level, so one shouldn’t exaggerate with its consumption. For it to be as beneficial for the health as possible, its consumption must be moderate.

As for the nutrients it contains, it is filled with all the important minerals. First of all, its calcium content is through the roof, making it very beneficial for proper bone growth and development. Some other minerals that can be found in organic coconut milk are potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and selenium. It is also rich in many vitamins, some of which include vitamins A, E, and C. Finally, what’s really extraordinary about this milk is that it has no cholesterol content whatsoever and barely any fatty acids. 

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