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Coconutmilk basics

Contrary towhat image may spring to one’s mind upon mentioning coconut milk, it does notrefer to water that is contained within a coconut. Coconut milk is made whenthe flesh of the coconut is squeezed and then watered down. The way to do it isto take the meat of a coconut and steep it in hot water and let it cool down just enoughto be able to take it into your hands with no danger. Press the meat untilthe is milk running from the flesh, let the liquid rest for a while, andwatch the creation of two separate layers. The upper portion of the liquid iswhat we dilute to get coconut milk. This is the harder way of obtaining themilk – it is easier to go and buy it in a supermarket, since it is widelyavailable.

Usage ofcoconut milk

This milkis widely used in cooking in some areas of the world, like Southeast Asia. The coconutmilk we are talking about is not to be confused with other types of milk, sincethey are very different in nature, composition and usage. When talking aboutcoconut milk, it is good to mention that this type of milk is generallyrecommended for human nutrition by many medical experts, since it is rich invitamins, minerals and some electrolytes such as potassium, calcium, and chloride.Different medical ailments can be cured with the aid of this milk.

People whosuffer from lactose intolerance can find help in coconut milk, since itproduces no symptoms like regular milk does. It is also great for people whoare allergic to soy, nuts and gluten. In addition to these benefits, coconutmilk is good for treating mouth ulcerations as well as irritation in thethroat. Implementing coconut milk into your nutrition is something that youwill benefit from in case you seek to have hair and skin that look good andbrim with health. Consider using it if you have problems with dandruff.

When youget sunburn, coconut milk might help you relieve the rash or the burns you havegotten. The way to apply coconut milk in such instances is to take a coconut milkbath, or simply put some coconut milk on the affected area of the skin andlet it soak in for a night. The milk cools downskin and doesn't let your skin dry and get itchy. Since it is a good source of vitamin E, thismilk will nourish your skin.

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