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There are numerous debates which question the superiority oforganic milk over the regular one and vice versa. Organic food items are highlypraised because they do not require any drugs, pesticides and artificialfertilizers in order to be produced. The production process of organic foods iscompletely natural and it eliminates the possibility of using any sorts ofsynthetic substances. Among the most widely known and the most popular organicfood items is the organic milk. But there are still those who ask themselveswhether they should choose organic milk over regular milk.

Organic Milk

Organic milk gets obtained from cows which are fed on purenatural grass which does not get sprayed with any fertilizers or other chemicalsubstances which may be harmful. Those same cows do not get hormone injectionswhich are commonly used so that the production of milk gets significantlyincreased. The cows that produce organic milk are fed all by themselves onpastures which fit the description of completely natural environments.

Regular Milk

Unlike the organic milk, the regular milk gets obtained fromcows that get fed on grass which is commonly sprayed with artificialfertilizers and other harmful chemicals, and they get administered hormoneinjections so that the production of milk can be increased. These cows arecommonly kept in sheds and they are only fed on grain. Regular milk may be harmfulbecause it contains certain synthetic hormones and antibiotic substances.Organic milk has a much longer shelf life than its regular counterpart.

Organic Milk Vs Regular Milk

All people of all different ages should consume milk on aregular basis because it is very important for the overall health. Childrenshould be fed with organic milk instead of regular milk because of the numeroushealth advantages and benefits. Since the cows used in the production oforganic milk are fed on natural, plain grass without any fertilizers, there areno risks of getting exposed to any of the harmful substances. One comes to thesame conclusion when the fact that those cows are not treated with artificialantibiotics and hormones is considered. Regular milk is not unsafe as it alwaysneeds to be tested according to certain government standards. Organic milk ismuch more expensive than regular milk but it also has a longer shelf lifebecause it is commonly ultra pasteurized. Both different sorts of milk providethe same amounts of essential nutrients.

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