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Coconut fruits are coming from the coconut palm. The Latin name for coconuts is cocos nucifera. Coconut palms grow in southern Asia, Malaysia, Polynesia, India, South America, Hawaii, and Pacific Islands. Coconuts are widely used and popular food: there is a coconut meat, a coconut milk, coconut oil and coconut cocktails (and many other coconut products today).

A seed fibre and husk of coconuts are also useful for fuel or are useful in manufacturing of fishnets, rope, brushes, mats etc. Coconut oil is overloaded with fat that is derived from dried coconut meat. The oil is used commercially for margarines, candies, soaps, body milks or various cosmetic products on the market.

Something that is popularly called a coconut milk is actually coconut water. This is a fresh drink and ingredient for a cocktails or a dish recipe ingredient. There are many benefits of coconut water. Coconut water is plain and naturally low with carbs and sugar and has only 1% of fat.

Health properties of coconut water are that the water is nutrient and oxygen striver, immune system improver, weight loss helper, digestive tract cleaner, metabolism booster, right temperature keeper, its a natural isotonic drink, digestive tract cleaner, natural body hydrator, natural detoxifier, diabetes controller, anti virus body defender, pH balancer, kidney and urethral stones fighter and circulation booster.

Coconut Water Health Benefits

The coconut water in II World War was regularly used as plasma transfusions to wounded soldiers. Coconut Water is a natural isotonic drink with enough electrolytic balance level, the same as it is in the blood. A country in tropical areas use coconut water fresh, because once it gets in the contact with air, water ferments and loses its nutritional and organoleptic properties.

Coconut water is very nutritious, have no fat and no cholesterol, and also have very little calories. It has content of lauric acid that can be found in mother’s milk. The water is natural sterile and is just like blood plasma in human and above all, it is natural isotonic drink.

There are scientifically proved facts linked to the coconuts water, which are that coconuts are very natural, has natural sugar, are biologically pure, has salt and vitamins and can be used as natural energy drink.

Coconuts are rich in potassium; coconut water is actually better then most of the sport drinks that is when it comes to an energy booster property. It has about 5mg of natural sugars, and has less sodium then any other sport drink. The coconut water also content about 118mg of chloride.

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