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Coconut milk is a sweet, milky white liquid derived from the meat of a mature coconut. The hard flesh of a harvested coconut is the part that is dried and grated available in the grocery stores under the name “dessicated coconut.” The coconut flesh can also be squeezed to produce a thick milky liquid, known as the coconut milk. Water that is left in the center of the coconut, sometimes incorrectly referred to as a coconut milk, has high levels of electrolytes and potassium and it is often served as a refreshing beverage.Health benefits of coconut milk

Coconut milk has great health benefits. It is loaded with vitamins and minerals and has a surprisingly good taste. Coconut milk has high levels of fats, but no cholesterol at all. Coconut milk contains so-called saturated fats that have no harmful effect on the consumer. It is because approximately 50% of the fatty acids in coconut fat are lauric acid.

Lauric acid is naturally found in mother's milk. It is formed into monolaurin in the body and it has the antiviral, antibacterial, and antiprotozoal monoglyceride, used by the body to destroy viruses such as HIV, herpes, and influenza.

Nutrition value of coconut milk

One cup of coconut milk, of approximately 250 ml, contains great number of important nutrients. While coconut milk is high in saturated fat and it is easy metabolized by the body.

There are approximately 38.4mg of calcium in a cup of coconut milk. This mineral is important for skeletal system, bones and teeth.

Another significant mineral found in coconut oil is magnesium. There is approximately 89mg of magnesium in a cup of coconut milk. This mineral is important for balanced blood pressure levels and muscle tonus. Additionally, regular and sufficient magnesium-rich diet may prevent cardiovascular diseases.

There are approximately 631 mg of potassium and 240 mg of phosphorus in a cup of coconut milk. These minerals are beneficial for development of bones, optimal functioning of kidneys and improved energy levels.

Other minerals found in this amount of coconut milk are 1.6mg of zinc, 0.6mg of copper and 2.2mg of manganese.

Cup of coconut milk contains about 6.7mg of vitamin C and modest amounts of vitamin E – approximately 0.4mg.

It is very good for dieters, because it contains only 13.3g of carbohydrates. Sugar levels are extremely low – around 8 g per glass of milk.

Coconut milk has high levels of fat, and it contains around 50g of saturated fats per glass. However, this milk contains around 626mg of omega 6 fatty acids, extremely beneficial to health and any diet plan. The fat count from coconut oil is easily converted into energy.

The total calorie count of a glass of coconut milk is 553, so it should be consumed in small amounts. Daily recommended dose is around 13-14 g or a teaspoon of milk.

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