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Tropical regions arefamiliar with the coconut water for quite some time now, since it has beenknown to posses extremely strong re-hydration properties, and not only that, butit is also known to be extremely health and beauty beneficial as well. Another quiteremarkable fact that makes this exotic variety of water is that it contains fatsand calories in amounts that can be even marked as insignificant. In addition, it is cholesterol-free and abounds in well balanced essential nutrients such aspotassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium. Its advantages go even further, is quite often employed for bringing the electrolytes on balance.

Healing benefits areyet another of the upsides of the above mentioned exotic liquid. Coconuts themselvespossess anti-viral, fungal and microbial characteristics, and the lauric acidthey contain is known to have great potential when it comes to healing disordersrelated to the digestive tract (e.g. Leaky Gut Syndrome). Coconuts are also immenselyrespected by the practitioners of Ayurveda who believe it to be carminative,i.e. aiders in the process of prevention of intestinal gas, toxins expulsion andincrease in absorption abilities of the person’s digestive tract.

Abundance of benefits

Given the fact that coconutoil is responsible for maintaining the proper functioning of the person’sintestine, this means that this variety of water “treats” the person who usesit with a much smoother and thus more appealing skin. Another way to use thecoconut water is by putting it in a direct fashion on the face of the person inquestion, which will make your skin even more hydrated.


When having the overallbenefits of the coconut water in mind in relation to health benefits, the allimportant list goes as follows:

Carbohydrates[low]Fats[low – 99% fat free]Naturaloccurring sugar [low]Coolsthe body properly and maintains its adequate temperatureComprisedof numerous compounds (organic in nature) which promote growthEffectivein remedying malnourishmentEffectivein treating kidney and urethral stonesAllnatural beverage, extremely favorable for infants fallen under the influence ofintestinal disturbances

It is also consideredas a powerful solution for oral re-hydration and natural re-hydration as well; it is known to lower down the arterial pressure, alleviate pain in the stomach andspasms and relieve burns. Besides that, it is a natural diuretic, extremely effective and beneficial inthe treatment of cholera, it keeps natural fluid levels under control and in thoseemergency cases and it is safe to inject it intravenously.

What has quite a numberof research studies reveled as well is that the coconut water abounds inanti-viral, bacterial, inflammatory and antioxidant properties that are extremely usefulwhen it comes to the treatment of almost all minor, and all the way up to thosemost serious illnesses. It is also known that this benefits-rich drink, ifcombined with olive oil, can ward out from the body those unpleasant intestinalworms, solve urinary problems, put a stop to vomiting, aid weight loss, and driveaway troublesome hangovers.

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